Sunday 27 December 2009

Christmas by numbers

The view from the sofa, Christmas Day

Number of mince pies eaten: Surprisingly few. This year I've been all about the Lebkuchen.
Lbs of turkey eaten: Approximately twelve. And that was just on Christmas Day.
Pink gin and tonics drunk: At least 15. M&S 'Think Pink' gin is my new love.
Duff presents received: Just the one. The rest were all fantastic.
Times fallen over on the ice: Zero. Hurrah!
Number of boxes of chocolates received: Seven. Seriously. I may not be able to leave the house soon.
Number of Christmas wishes made: Just the one.

Christmas was.... lovely.

It was quiet, full of gorgeous food, drink and my Dad sleeping in the chair after Christmas dinner. Fairly textbook really. I got a Slanket, a Banana Guard (which looks terrifyingly like a fruit themed sex toy) and various other bits and bobs. Books, DVDs, Wii games and more chocolate than I've ever seen in my entire life (Fact: I don't even like chocolate that much).

We've been mostly housebound for the last few days due to the ice lying on the roads. It was inches deep in parts and almost impossible to drive a car on. But the rain has come and the ice is thawing, so I guess normal life is about to resume.

Maybe though, just maybe, there's still time and enough magic left for Christmas wishes to come true...