Thursday 31 December 2009

The Best of 2009: Day 31

Day 31: Resolution you wish you'd stuck with?

I don't really remember my New Year's resolutions but I'm guessing that one of them was to lose weight. Which is something I haven't really achieved this year, for one reason or another. I have a difficult relationship with food, to say the least, and it's something I intend to work on more fully in 2010. I haven't ever really blogged about it in any great detail, and there's only person in the world who knows the full extent of the problem (and it took me a long time to tell him, despite our closeness). Maybe one day I'll write a post about it, maybe one day I won't feel ashamed to discuss it. But for now, I am too embarrassed so all I will say is this... next year I hope to have a healthier relationship with food.

So that's that, my final 'The Best of 2009' post. I've written on all but two prompts (fyi, best blog and best advert - i don't watch adverts) and it's actually been very interesting to look back over my year and find the best bits. A few prompts have brought tears to my eyes, as a lot of feelings and memories are still quite raw and fresh. Some prompts have made me laugh and revisit some superbly happy times. Some prompts have actually been really difficult to write about. But I've done it, and I'm glad I have. All my posts for this little project can be found here, if you have time on your hands and are so inclined.

2009 hasn't been the easiest of years, for a lot of people. I was going to do a 'review of the year' post but, to be honest, I think I'd rather not. This blog has documented most things in minute detail (sorry about that) and I'm not sure I need to, or want to, revisit certain things just yet. I'd like to remember this year as the year I found out a lot about myself and made huge changes to better what I found, the year that brought me a lot of pain but also a lot of joy and the year that shook me to my very core and forced me to take a long hard look at myself, in every way imaginable. I've emerged relatively unscathed and a lot richer emotionally, as a result of everything that's happened.

2009, I can't say I'm sorry to see you go, but thankyou for everything you've taught me.