Saturday 19 December 2009

The Best of 2009: Days 18 &19

Day 18: Best shop?

I do a lot of shopping. A lot. I buy shoes and handbags and jewellery like it's going out of fashion. It's something I need to try and curb if I'm ever to own my own house. I tend to do most of my shopping online as I can rarely be bothered to contend with queues of people (particularly at this time of year).

I can't really choose just one shop as I have lots of favourites but my top three are:

1) Alphabet Bags. I have the 'H' bag and the 'I refuse to participate in a recession' bag. I love them. Durable, roomy and a bit quirky. Plus the people who run the shop are utterly delightful and delivery is amazingly fast, always. Plus it's the sister site to Keep Calm Gallery, whose prints I covet on a daily basis.

2) A huge range, varying prices to suit all budgets and the taker of a lot of my money this year. Oops.

3) Rock 'n Rose. Unusual jewellery at fairly cheap prices. Whenever I wear one of their creations I always get lots of compliments and where-did-you-get-thats. I am currently coveting the winter rose necklace.

Day 19: Best car ride?

Car rides were not my friend this year so it's hard to pick a best one. There was the horrific 13 hour odyssey to Glastonbury in June. Then there was the 4 hour journey to Nottingham on bonfire night (that should have taken an hour and a half) which resulted in me missing fireworks in the garden with my friend's gorgeous little son. Then there was every car ride to Liverpool where I felt nervous and sick and worried because I didn't know what I'd find when I got there, what mood would greet me, what I'd have done wrong.

The only car ride I can really remember enjoying is the taxi ride from JFK Airport to our apartment in Manhattan. Yes, that was pretty darn special actually.