Sunday 13 December 2009

The Best of 2009: Days 12 & 13

Get in my face now 

Day 12: Best new food?

Olives! My love for them began to grow last year in Greece but 2009 was the year they became cemented in my affections. Only the black ones though, the green ones scare me. Particularly the massive ones. No food should look that menacing.

Day 13: Best change I made to the place I live?

There haven't really been any material changes to the place I live (apart from trying to keep my room a little tidier) but it's still a much happier place than it was this time last year. The reason? The changes I've made in myself have enabled me to get along with my parents a thousand times better than ever before, thus making the house a happy one. Happy, positive Helen = harmonious living for all.