Wednesday 30 December 2009


Sod off Cupid

Do you ever feel like the internet is laughing at you?

I received an email from a dating site today. A dating site that I hadn't logged into for a fair while. 'Your New Matches!' it boldly and excitedly proclaimed. But, what's that? Who's number one on the list?

Oh yes, of course it's him. And with a higher percentage match than first time around. Yep, I could have told you that. I could have told you that 85% of him is me. And 85% of me is him.

I never minded the other 15%, truth be told. That was the 15% that required compromise and understanding and belief. That was the 15% we worked so hard to overcome. The 15% that meant being there when he needed me, listening to him when noone else would or could, learning new things from him about science that I had no clue about and taking him to art galleries and gigs of my favourite bands. The 15% that meant we argued, but that showed me there was enough passion there to even bother arguing, to even bother trying.

I loved that 15%.