Thursday 24 December 2009

Going postal

Seriously tree, be a bit bigger

There are few things I love more in this world than post. Real post I mean, not bills or junk mail or any of that rubbish. Letters, packages, presents.... I love love love them.

Look what I've received this week:

From my crazy American penpal... a whole host of yankee doodle treats. Including an an Oregon State hat (with a beaver on it, I heart beavers), lots of candy (Hi grape Jolly Ranchers, you're my wife now) and some facts about Oregon. I heart facts too. Seriously the best package ever. Thanks Natalie!

From Rachelle... the most epic black and white cookies ever. All the way from Philadelphia! Rachelle, you rock. Hard. All I did was tweet about how I was craving a black and white cookie and voila!

The kindness of relative strangers restores my faith in humanity. Love.

I'm now in a shockingly festive mood so I present to you a pictorial journey through Christmas Eve...

 My tree beats your tree. Fact. 

Don't be hatin' on my new boots y'all
Consumerism at it's most decadent and grotesque

Outdoor lights FTW

This Christmas Eve is the best Christmas Eve ever. I finished at work at 1pm, I've been wrapping presents and unwrapping packages this afternoon, The Spinners 'Sing Out, Shout With Joy' is on downstairs (we've listened to it on Christmas Eve every year ever since I can remember) and my Mum's making corned beef hash for tea, just like every year. Then I'm off to to the pub for festive drinks and gossip with E and A, followed by a tipsy stumble home in the snow and (hopefully) a peaceful sleep before the magic of tomorrow begins.

Merry Christmas everyone xxx