Monday 7 December 2009

Monday Mutterings

Today I am feeling: Sad. I ran over a squirrel yesterday and it's really affected me. I am a giant girl. I was doing about 40mph though, and it ran straight out in front of me. There was nothing I could do. Even so, I still cried for about an hour when I got home.

Today I am drinking: Mr Scruff's Mint & Chilli tea. It is lovely. BEVERAGE ALERT!

Today I am eating: Satsumas, toast with thick cut ruby grapefruit marmalade, rice with Frank's red hot sauce and lots of green vegetables. Not all at the same time. Plus Candy Cane Oreos (amazing, seriously), grape Jolly Ranchers (I love it when work colleagues go to the US on holiday) and fudge (I love having a work colleague whose husband runs a fudge business. My thighs don't)

Today I am listening to: The Miike Snow album. Still. Also, Little Boots as I'm off to see her lovely little Blackpoolian (clearly not a word) face on Thursday. Hurrah.

Today I am coveting: This print. Tits for the win. Blue tits obviously, what else would I be talking about? Tut.