Saturday 12 December 2009

Christmas wishes

Dear Santa

I've been a good girl this year, I swear. Aside from occasionally having too much to drink, having a foul mouth on occasion and spending too much money on pretty things. For Christmas I'd love it if you could bring me the following:
  • I'd really love it if you could make sure that my Dad's cancer has gone. He's having a scan on 29th December, to see what the situation is. It'd be tremendous if you could make his scan give us good news.
  • Mark Owen, wearing nothing but a bowtie and a smile. I ask for this every year and am always disappointed not to find a little naked Northerner in my stocking on Christmas morn. Please sort it out.
  • A Canon EOS 500D DSLR. Please? Pretty please? I'm really enjoying doing my 365 project on Flickr but I feel limited by my camera. I could do so much better with a big girl's camera.
  • The sequinned lips jumper by Markus Lupfer. I was *this* close to buying it last week but then realised that spending £201 on a jumper was slightly frivolous. You're rich though aren't you Santa? 
  • A 15" red satchel from the Cambridge Satchel Company. Embossed with 'MOO' in silver letters.
  • Iron will power for the new year. I've lost some weight but have a lot more to lose. Sadly, when you work in an office full of people who love food, it's difficult not to gorge yourself on M&S biscuits, pastries, cakes and sweets. So iron will power would be much appreciated.
  • There is one other person thing I'd really like. I'm sure you can work out who what that is Santa, you're a clever guy.

Lots of Love and festive snuffles,

Helen (aged 28 years and one month) xx