Thursday 15 October 2009

Up, Up and Away

I went to see 'UP' last night which, if you're not aware (and if you're not, you're no friend of mine, you Philistine you), is the new Disney/Pixar offering. It's the tale of a little old man who decides to fulfil his lifetime ambition by going on a big adventure. In his house. By means of balloons. To put it simply, I adored it with every inch and pore of my body, mind and soul. It was heartwarming and lovely but with a bittersweet edge. I cried twice, I had fits of hysterical giggles at least three times and I spent the rest of the time utterly enchanted. And I mean full-on open mouthed, eyes-wide-with-wonder enchanted.

Go. See it. NOW.

If it doesn't make you smile and leave the cinema with your faith restored in life, love and humanity then you are a cold, hollow husk of a human. Fact. Plus, it's worth the entrance fee just for the short film that's showing before the main feature, 'Partly Cloudy.' And if the picture doesn't below convince you then nothing will. Clouds! Making babies! And baby animals! That's the pinnacle of all that is good and holy for me, right there.

If you could attach balloons to your house and go anywhere in the world, where would you choose?

Right now I'd pick New York (when wouldn't I pick New York?). I'd land my house on top of the Flat Iron building, set up shop and look down on Shake Shack longingly.

I miss burgers. Damn ye diet.