Friday 23 October 2009



Alton Towers was...

....incredible, tiring, exhilerating, nauseating, terrifying, full of junk food and sodden. Yes, it rained. No, it didn't really matter. I have a marvellous habit of always getting utterly drenched on the log flume so it made no difference to me and my soggy little shoes.

As it's almost Hallowe'en, t'Towers have got their annual Scarefest on at the moment. This translates into pumpkins dotted around the grounds, haunting hooded figures wandering around and liberal doses of dry ice pumping out from various orifices. Plus a few special attractions that aren't normally there. One of these is called 'Terror of the Towers'. I won't say too much in case anyone's planning on going but basically the story is that the Towers have been cursed and you're being sent in to find on what's going on. Cue confined spaces, pitch black and a bit of strobe lighting thrown in for good measure. Plus a few 'extras'. It was quite literally the most terrifying experience of my entire life and genuinely very scary.

The rides are all open until 9pm during Scarefest and, quite frankly, if you've not been on Oblivion in the dark, you've not been on Oblivion. However, the best thing about the entire day? No, not the Burger King (although I do love me a burger). No, it was the fact there were NO KIDS there. And no kids means NO QUEUES.

10/10 Alton Towers. Well done. C'est magnifique.