Monday 26 October 2009

Hello Winter

Is there anything better in this world than a massive roast dinner? 

No, no there isn't. Chicken (including crispy skin, HELLO THIGHS YOU JUST GREW), stuffing, peas, carrots, roast potatoes, leeks and broccoli. Topped with approximately a gallon of gravy and liberal sprinklings of salt and pepper. Heaven on a plate.

As I was leaving work today the sky was turning navy blue and night was beginning to fall. With the losing of the hour comes short days, long nights and a chill in the air. Warm Winter coats are brought out from the back of the wardrobe, favourite scarves are remembered and wrapped round chilly necks, gloves and hats are rediscovered and added to the daily paraphernalia of your average commuter. Gingerbread lattes and cheery red cups make their annual return to Starbucks. Mulled wine becomes an acceptable beverage to drink, at all times of day. It keeps you warm, you see? Therefore it doesn't make you an alcoholic if you imbibe it in all its heavenly spicy glory at 2pm on a weekday afternoon.

I adore Winter. Although it may still technically be Autumn, it doesn't feel like it. I feel the urge to wear old lady slippers, slip on a big chunky cardigan and nestle onto the sofa in front of the fire. I'm already planning Christmas presents and have bought a fair few. It's wonderfully cosy when I get home from work and the smell of dinner has never been so welcome. But still this time of year is terribly hard. Memories of two years ago when everything was new and shiny and exciting. When a text message could send my heart into my throat. Long dinners and even longer lunches. Wine and gin and dancing and laughter. The beginning of falling in love. Within three weeks my heart was already his.

In many ways, it still is.