Sunday 4 October 2009

I've got a golden ticket...

And so the Glastonbury circus begins once more....

A mere 97 days since the end of the last one, the frantic scrabble began for tickets at 9am this morning (although you could actually buy them from about 8.50am). Some people are still trying to get them now. Poor souls.


Tickets were booked by 8.55am and we were then free to enjoy our hangovers in peace, with the help of Paris Hilton's My New BFF, Running In Heels and Coronation Street. Ah, perfect Sunday morning television. Only trash can ward of the effects of 4 hours sleep, too much cider and too much dancing in high heels. However, on checking my email I seem to have received two different confirmation emails. Yes, that's right folks. My ticket buying skillz are so potent that I managed to do the impossible and order two for myself. Now if only phoning See Tickets was easier than birthing a small calf then I might be able to cancel the erroneous order and let someone else buy the ticket.

Only 261 days to wait now. Sigh.