Friday 2 October 2009

Girl Friday

Hello Friday.

I am, almost quite literally, bouncing off the walls today. It's actually a little bit sickening how chirpy I am. That's what healthy eating, lots of sleep and a new outlook on life can do for you, apparently. I've never really believed in epiphanies before. That one moment that changes everything. But I seem to have experienced one. It seems that only by accepting yourself for who you really are, only by facing your demons, your insecurities and your weaknesses can you truly set yourself free from them.

Have you heard me?! Preachy McPreacher of Preachville. Ha. I think I need to have a word with myself.

Tonight I'm off for cocktails, dinner and wine with the lovely Tash. We will mostly be at Trof, eating (although I'm going to try and find something relatively healthy, honest), drinking, gossiping and (most likely) sexually harassing at least one barman. This will be followed by a train journey home in which I will befriend the nearest person and talk their ear off. Yes, I become one of 'those people' when drunk. So sue me.

Have a wonderful, thigh-jangling (I don't know either), hell-raising weekend, won't you?

PS: I done gone and got one of them thar Tumblr things. You can find it here. Expect pictures of pigs in top hats, links to pretty things that I can't afford and sentimental tosh. Hurrah. Bonus points for anyone who knows where I got the name from. It's a tricky one.