Tuesday 2 December 2008

Viva los employment!

The lonely milkfloat

Winter is here, ladies and gents. Winter is here. It was -5 yesterday morning. -5!! And today, snow! Well, slush at least. I'm convinced the cold weather has arrived to coincide with me starting my new job. Just to make it all the more difficult to unwrap myself from a warm duvet at 7am, after not having had to get out of bed for anything for 5 months now. My body had forgotten what that time in the morning felt like. In fact, it had become more accustomed to going to bed at that time, if anything. Tut tut.

I'm two days into my job now and I can honestly say that I am loving every moment. Sad huh? I think I've been out of work for so long that my brain is just enjoying having something constructive to do, other than play de blob obsessively on the Wii or paint my toenails foolish colours. It's not even a job that I really thought would suit me as it's very very maths-based and I am not a friend of the numbers normally. But yes, for now I am thoroughly enjoying being back in the ranks of the employed. Ask me again in 2 weeks.

In celebration of my new found employment and all round career girl status (ha) I have started wearing my new glasses more often. This may just be an attempt to engineer a She's All That moment at some point in the future though (ie; girl takes off glasses... girl instantly becomes hot mama).


*Note: I don't really live in a hovel. This computer is situated in the obligatory junk room that every house possesses.