Wednesday, 31 December 2008

Au Revoir '08!

So it's virtually all over...

In just under 9 hours the champagne corks will pop, kisses will be exchanged, DJs across the land will play the first song of 2009. Personally, I'm hoping for 'Gang Bang' by Black Lace. That would get my year off to a rip roaring start, make no mistake.

I was planning on staying in tonight, to reflect upon the year that was, eat some more leftover turkey (it's still going strong... that's what an 18lb turkey does for you), drink some more gin and tonic and watch some more terrible tv. But then I decided to stop being a miserable old cow, get a grip and celebrate in style. Because if there's one thing I know how to do, it's celebrate. I need no excuse. I'd pop a bottle of cava open to celebrate the arrival of the postman if I had my way.

So I'm off out into the wilds of Manchester, to drink, dance, laugh and toast the arrival of what will hopefully be a wonderful year. I hereby dub 2009 'The Year of Helen'. 2009 is the year my dreams come true. And that's that.

I sincerely hope, dear internet, that 2009 is the year that all your dreams come true, too.

Here's to 2009. A bigger, brighter, more fabulous year for all.

"one more thing.... gender is just an excuse, relationships shouldn't just be an excuse, love is often an excuse, although sometimes these excuses are all we have to hold onto, death is the reason and living is the celebration..."