Thursday 4 December 2008

"I wish this song would really come true, I admit I still fantasize about you…"

As everyone seems to be doing the '10 random things about me' post, I thought I'd jump on the bandwagon. I love a bandwagon...

1. If I'm listening to the radio, tv, etc the volume has to be set at an even number or a multiple of 5. 10? Great. 14? Fab. 17? GET OUT.

2. I was born with three thumbs. Yes, 3! Count 'em! One had no bones in and was just a floppy bit of skin. So they tied a piece of cotton round it (medicine was a technical business in 1981) and now it's a little stump. I always meant to get it removed. Now I kind of like it.

3. I own 16 hats. All woollen. All different colours. I have a compulsion.

4. I squawk when excited. Literally. I make a high pitched noise and often frighten others around me. The latest example is when Mark Owen is on TV in the latest Marks and Spencer advert. Other noises I make on a regular basis include oinking and growling. I don't know why.

5. I am an only child and, when I was young, I didn't just have one imaginary friend. Oh no, I had a gaggle (is that the collective term?). One was called Tom and I think I fancied him. The other was called Willy Russell and he was often in hospital with broken arms/legs. Clumsy bugger.

6. When I was little my Mum taught me the capital of each State in the USA and then had me recite them occasionally. I now know about 4. I was more intelligent at the age of 8 than I am now. Although I think I just had a pushy mother.

7. I can touch my nose with my tongue.

8. I saw Gok Wan on Canal Street last year. I squealed (see above) in excitement and he sneered at me. A hatred was born.

9. I am completely addicted to hot sauce. The hotter the better. I've eaten so much of it that I think I've irreversibly damaged my taste buds.

10. I despise mushrooms, aubergines and beetroot. Food should be neither grey, purple nor burgundy. UGH.

Tell me some things about you....