Monday 15 December 2008

"Hold out your hand, come back to me...."

7 feet of festive fantastic-ness. Alliteration turns me on baby.

Christmas cards sent - 0
Christmas cards bought - 78 (Yes, really. I only need about 15 but I panicked and bulk bought in Paperchase. 3 for 2. What's a girl to do. Rhyming ftw!)
Christmas presents bought - 3
New 'essential' Christmas outfits bought - 2
Mince pies consumed so far in December - Approximately 700

I am seriously behind.

I am however winning in the Christmas cheer stakes. Festive spirit FTW!

So, in the spirit of yuletide procrastination here's a round up of all things internet that are bringing joy into this cold cold house:
  • Food porn. If you only click on one link this year, click on this one. I beg of ye.
  • Ffffound! I cannot get enough of it. I just need someone to invite me so I can participate. Anyone? Anyone? (A prize for the guesser of the tenuous movie link. Well, not really a prize. More a pat on the metaphorical back)
  • Quagmire It. For all your festive giggedy needs.
  • San Diego zoo Panda Cam. I have become obsessed with those black and white beasts.
  • Stay Puft. I know he's meant to be scary but I heart him. I can't believe I hadn't seen Ghostbusters until earlier this year. Sick. Sick and wrong.
  • Alexey Titarenko's 'City of Shadows' photographs. Truly breathtaking. Sinister yet utterly beautiful.

And on that slightly spooky and Russian note...

What's rocking your world, my wee Christmas elves?