Friday 5 December 2008

H is for...

Scrabble stylin'

I get strange ideas in my head sometimes. Irrational ideas. I have an extremely overactive imagination.

Take tonight, for example. I was driving home from work (work! I have a job! The novelty still hasn't worn off!). All of a sudden I was convinced there was a snake in the car with me. Completely convinced. I kept feeling something touching my leg and nearly had a heart attack when I leant down and touched... my scarf. I blame this. Ever since I was little I've had an irrational fear that there'll be a snake behind the sofa, or in my room, or in the bath. And, according to that story, it can happen. My biggest fear is walking into a room and seeing one of those massive fat snakes, coiled round on itself. One of those 20 foot ones. I'm actually cringeing (cringing? cringeing? neither looks right!) as I write this.

And this, my friends, is why I'll probably never live anywhere more exotic than Manchester. There was a cockroach in the apartment in Greece this Summer. It was literally the end of the world.

I'm such a girl.

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