Tuesday 9 December 2008

"I'm your biggest fan, I'll follow you until you love me..."

I've just seen George Sampson in the centre of Warrington whilst on my way home from work. What a ridiculously crap celebrity spot. Anyway, that got me thinking and I now present to you a list of 'celebrities' I have seen this year.

Prepare to be extremely underwhelmed...

Chris from Skins at Warehouse Project on New Years Day. What could be better than celebrating the start of another 365 than by seeing a sleb off their face and sweating. Yum.

Gok Wan on Canal Street. He sneered. I've mentioned it before. Let's not go into it again. Me and Gok have beef.

Jeff Brazier in TK Maxx in Nottingham. He of Jade Goody fame. The one she extracted sperm from and created mini Jeffs with. Shudder.

Scott Bruton off X-Factor fame in Via Fossa on Canal Street. He was small and surrounded by chavs taking his photo. We tried to drunkenly stalk him but he escaped our clutches. Darn it.

Jamie and Violet from Coronation Street eating big sausages in the Manchester Christmas Market. Rumour has it they left their partners to be together. She loves a big sausage does our Vi.

Note to self: A watched inbox never... boils. Or summat.