Friday 19 December 2008

Noro noro, I have sorrow

That picture is how my head feels today.

I have teh illz, internet. My parents have both had the dreaded norovirus this week. I thought by avoiding all contact and sitting upstairs like a hermit I'd avoid it. No such luck. Mid-morning at work I started to feel a wee bit ill. By the time I left for the day I was dizzy, close to being sick and so weak I thought I might collapse.

A summary:
  • Projectile vomiting and nausea? Check
  • Headache? Check
  • Stomach cramps? Check
  • Aching limbs? Double check.

Ugh. I feel vile.

I do not enjoy seeing an entire day's food consumption in reverse. TMI? I thought so. But I'm in pain. If I'm in pain I reserve the right to be graphic. Normal service will be resumed tomorrow when I shall dazzle you with my wit and maybe even a collection of my favourite moments of the year. You lucky lot. For now I'm off to soak in my own misery and watch Lost Series 4 in bed. For only Sawyer can save me now.