Tuesday 16 December 2008

"I have been storing all my devotion. It flows like an ocean now..."

Witchetty gwub

Ho ho ho.

I've been wrapping presents. Sadly, my wrapping skillz this year are not quite as good as previous years' offerings. A lack of imagination caused by working for a living, a permanent cold and pathetic tiredness (12 working days in and I'm a wreck. Someone punch me) are all to blame. The presents above were a product of my finest present wrapping hour in 2006. Presents for my gay friends complete with C-Thatch and Craig from Big Brother 6 tags. I crack myself up sometimes, I really do.

So far today I have:

a) Dropped a fish pie in Sainsburys. A luxury fish pie, no less. It splattered and I ran.
b) Slipped on black ice. I'm not even racist and that's the treatment I get.
c) Seriously injured my jaw whilst chewing a mince pie with brandy cream. It was so tasty I don't even care.
d) Snapped the underwire in my bra whilst 'adjusting' the ladies. Cue an afternoon of severe discomfort.

I think I'll go and sit somewhere soft, safe and warm to prevent further injury.

I shall leave you with Craig's best bits. Enjoy him in all his ludicrous, dubious glory...

All together now.... "I refuse to diminish my character!"