Sunday 30 November 2008

Positivity is the key

Illustration by Matt Bandsuch

Thanks to this post by cjane I have been shaken out of my little woefest. Life is full of beauty and joy. And, even on the most horrendous days, when it feels like nothing is right, there is always at least one little thing that makes me laugh out loud. I love to laugh. Laughing makes everything better. I particularly like to laugh at my own jokes because, man, I'm funny.

The new job (dun dun dun) starts in the morning. The suit is ironed, sandwiches are made, mental notes to self on inappropriate things not to discuss are prepared. I have to do that because, when I'm nervous, I'm all about the inappropriate. Seriously. The things that come out of my mouth have to be heard to be believed. Incest jokes, check. Sexual innuendos, check. Tomorrow morning I have to be Helen-lite. I can't go disgracing myself on my first day. That can surely wait until the Christmas do.

Then tomorrow evening I'm seeing the Mighty Boosh live. I wish I could be excited. But I'm more apprehensive. I sent an email to someone about it. In the hope he'd read it. And consider what I said. But I haven't heard anything. And it was probably a mistake. But you have to try don't you? Because, otherwise, you'll never know what might have been.

Things that have made my day today:
  • Roast chicken for dinner
  • Amusing texts from my best friend, hysterical about the fact Britney's new album is out tomorrow. He's such a cliche.
  • Getting a bottle of wine as thanks for doing the pantomine scenery. Plus lots of compliments (although my mother tried to take some credit. Pfft!)
  • This video!
  • I want this... please?
What's made you smile today?