Thursday 27 November 2008

This post brought to you by the letters W O and E


Today has been a big bag of woe. WOE.

Firstly, my ancient yet beloved iPod has decided to finally give up the ghost.

Secondly, in trying to fix it, I followed the instructions on the apple website (grr) and downloaded the newest iTunes. This has resulted in all my music disappearing. Yes, DISAPPEARING. Years worth of music gone. GONE. I am a lot more upset than I probably should be. But when you've got a cold pretty much any little thing going wrong is devastating. And I don't call losing thousands of songs that little. Then again, drama is my middle name.

Thirdly, I have been stood up for tonight's gig. By my best friend. Have asked virtually everyone I know if they can go and, quelle surprise, everyone is busy. I either go on my own or waste the tickets completely.

Lastly, I have two questions for you....

1) Why is there a setting on the toaster that causes bread to BURN?

2) Why is there a setting on the shower that causes water to SCALD?

Breakfast and my morning shower were a victim of both those settings today. I think I might write some strongly worded letters. Except I won't, I'm really all talk.

I told you. I'm all about the WOE right now. (I'm a big fan of capitalisation today. I think it gets my POINT across rather WELL)