Saturday 8 November 2008

I'm in the mood for... have come to a conclusion... I have been in my pyjamas for 3 hours now, dancing around the house to my ipod. And I mean full on shaking-my-ass-arms-in-the-air-singing-along-badly D.A.N.C.I.N.G! This can mean only one thing....

It is far too long since I have been out and danced. Like, really danced. I know, I know, I was out last weekend for el birthday celebrations. But that was a night in the gay village. Not a PROPER night out. I wanted to go to the night above but, being a complete numpty, failed to get tickets. I need Warehouse Project in my life. ASAP.

Alas, I shall probably spend the evening watching Strictly Come Dancing and X Factor. Astonishingly though, there's a part of me that's quite looking forward to it. Maybe i really am getting old? I'm torn between the exuberant antics and debauchery of youth, and the reality that my body really can't handle it anymore. Sigh.

Happy Saturday everyone!