Thursday, 8 April 2010


Today I love:

Eating melon at my desk (Melons was my nickname at University, much to my chagrin)
Yellow shoes (always and forever)
Three shot iced skinny lattes
The Markus Lupfer lips jumper that will be winging its way to me very soon (I finally bought it, hurrah)
Tulips and daffodils in abundance, and.....

...... the SUN!!!

What about you, my little treasures?


Nebrod's Son said...

Were you called Melons because it rhymes with Helen, or was there some other reason?

pinkjellybaby said... I loved sunbathing...ahhh

Brennig said...

I like melons.

Helen said...

Nebrod - a bit of both!

PJB - I long for sunbathing. You lucky not-in-work thing you!

Brennig - everyone enjoys a melon or two

P said...

I wish the weather was sunbathable here - it sounds like you all had it far nicer than Glasgow!

I'm loving the fact I'm not back at work until Monday!