Sunday, 18 April 2010

Invincible summer?

This weekend has, quite frankly, been bloody marvellous.

Summer was here, if only for one day (today is disappointingly cloudy) and the gin and tonics flowed plentifully. Add a barbecue with my friend E, Britain's Got Talent (Kevin Cruise, Tobias Mead and Tina & Chandi being personal highlights) more gin and tonics and dancing the night away and that's pretty much the perfect day (and night) right there.

More sun please. Soon!


Patricia Snook said...

Perfect words to accompany a perfect pending summer. I've loved the last few days of sunshine!

Have a brilliant week ahead,


P said...

Oh, I wish we'd had a nice weekend weather-wise. Ours just sucked!

Helen said...

Patricia - The sun was fabulous. Alas it's raining this morning. Typical! You have a great week too xx

P - Boo! Scotland had best sort itself out for when I'm up in May! x

pinkjellybaby said...

I fucking LOVE summer