Sunday 4 April 2010

Bunny! Egg! Hangover!

Merry chocolate egg day! (or resurrection of Jesus day, if that's your bag)

I hope you're all having a fabulous four day weekend (if you're lucky enough to work in a job that gives you Bank Holidays off) (today I am mostly qualifying statements) and enjoying some much needed rest/raving/sleep/DIY.

I'll be in Nottingham when you read this, probably weeping in a gutter with only my hangover and the remnants of a kebab for company. I'm off to the land of Robin Hood for a friend's 40th birthday party and am ludicrously excited. I've spent most of the week admonishing my thighs and boobs in an effort to shame them into reducing their epic proportions and fit into the dress I want to wear. I don't think it's worked. The thighs have cooperated nicely, the girls not so much. Harlots.

Anyway, enough about my boobs, how've you been?