Sunday 11 April 2010

Guest Post: Why Helen is awesome sauce

by LizSara aged 32 and a few weeks

Well hello darlings are you missing H yet? While she's off eating her own body weight in Spaniards she threw a little request out for guest posters...and here i am.

First a blatant plug, I'm LizSara and i blog (sporadically) over at If Music Be. Come see me and follow my tweets m'kay?

Now all that 'networking' is over and done with lets get on with the real stuff. I was considering this on the walk home from work today and i thought that actually there are tons of reasons why lovely H-bird is brilliant. For a start she not only has a proper job and shit but she's also a volunteer in whatever spare time she has. That's some big-uppity coolness right there.

Then there's the fact the girl parties like a rockstar - i mean have you heard about the 3 day hangover yet, and that was only last weekend? Seriously makes me feel old (yes i am aware that i am indeed old hush up).

Plus there's the way she's kicking butt and taking names at Slimming World AND being brave enough to blog about it too.

and finally

I want this and i also NEED both of these, also these babies are too cool for school. Lets face it, we all love her - the girl is


L x