Tuesday 23 March 2010

Little ones

Dear new shoes,
I adore you. You make me feel full of the joys of spring, even when it's raining outside and the skies are grey.

Dear body,
I berate you for not losing weight fast enough but, really, I love you. You're changing week by week and for the first time in years I don't hate you when I see you in the mirror. I'm sorry I've not been getting enough sleep. Tonight I will get an early night. I promise.

Dear Glee,
You are incredible. You make me wish I'd gone to high school in the US. Although, to be honest, I probably wasn't even cool enough for Glee Club.

Dear Tinie Tempah,
Your song reverberates around my head constantly. Make it stop. Please? It's driving me crazy.

Dear time,
Please stop going so fast. The days and weeks are flying by at the moment and I cannot believe that it's almost April. This time last year I was getting ready to go to New York and it feels like yesterday. Also, I cannot accept that I'm going to be 29 this year. I feel old. How about slowing it down for a while? Yes?

Dear Barcelona,
I'm coming for you, baby. Cannot wait.

Dear scales,
Please be kind to me tonight. I've had such a good week, eaten so many good things and done so much exercise.

Dear thighs,
I'm sorry you're in pain. Davina is to blame.

Dear life,
You're great right now. Thankyou xx