Monday, 15 March 2010

Sunshine on my feet

Yellow shoes make everything better. Fact.

Particularly Mondays.

Particularly Mondays back at work after a weekend so good it made my face ache from all the smiling.

In other news, I've decided to stop hiding and I've put a link to my weight loss blog over there in that there sidebar. Read it, don't read it, it's your call. I just thought now was as good a time for honesty as any. And I don't feel the need to hide parts of me any longer.

I guess I'm not ashamed anymore.


P said...

I have yellow shoes I haven't worn in ages. Now I'm tempted to wear them again - only problem is they have heels and I can't walk in heels. Oh well. :(

miss*H said...

For some reason the colour yellow goes with Mondays. You shouldn’t be ashamed of loosing weight, you've done amazingly!

Helen said...

P - Wear them!! You won't regret it. I have 5 pairs of yellow shoes. Slightly excessive!

Miss H - I'm not ashamed of losing weight, I was ashamed of the weight being there!

Jenn ♥ said...

I'm really not sure I could 'pull off' yellow shoes, but I'm sooo glad that you can!
Yellow shoes of pure cheer them sweet! <3

Velvet Over Steel said...

I absolutely LOVE the title and theme of your blog! Beautiful! Following and hope your have a safe and fun St. Patty's day!

Helen said...

Jenn - Anyone can pull of yellow shoes, I assure you!

Velvet - Thankyou! Hope you have a great St Patricks Day too x

pinkjellybaby said...