Thursday, 4 March 2010

Time goes by, so slowly?

 Props to you if you get the picture reference

Can someone please explain to me HOW it is March ALREADY?

Where is this year going? Have I just been living in a volunteering/running/weighing/friends-ing bubble or is this year flying by for anyone else?

And that concludes the questions part of the agenda.

My first week in my new job is drawing to a close. It's gone really rather well. I haven't had to shout at anyone. I haven't had to be a giant bitch and put my boss hat on. I haven't had to bribe anyone with piglets or cakes (I can, however, be bribed with both, just fyi). It's just been... nice. Which is a strange thing to say about work, I know. But I genuinely enjoy my job. The work can be terribly dull but the people never are.

This weekend will mostly consist of a weekend away in an old boarding school with a bit of roleplay thrown in for good measure. Sadly it's not going to be quite as kinky as it sounds. Nope, I'm off for a selection weekend for the Festival Branch of the charity that I volunteer for. I predict the weekend will contain the following: rubbish food, not much sleep, midnight feasts, sneaky boozing.


(Although it's gin and slimline tonic all the way for me, and I have to count how many I have. Damn you Slimming World)


Anything Fits a Naked Man said...
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Tuppence said...

Have a great weekend Helen! Glad to hear the new job is going swimmingly.

Hmm, piglets - I would love to have a couple of those micro-piglets that fit in a teacup, they're just so cute!

Tuppence said...

Oh and the pic is the March Hare at the Mad Hatter's tea party in Alice in Wonderland...I love it when I get the right answer!

P said...

Aw - it's never as much fun if you have to count how many you're having. Have a good one though! :)

Helen said...

AFNM - There was no need for sneaking. Everyone was boozing!

Tuppence - Thankyou! I want a micro piglet more than you could ever know.

P - I didn't count. And therefore got blind drunk. Oops.