Thursday 25 March 2010

Destination Happiness

Animal hoods - always guaranteed to make me blissfully happy

So, as a few people have asked and emailed...

I thought I'd clarify what I meant when I said I was going to take this blog in a "slightly different direction."

Basically, when I started this blog I was very very sad. I felt lost, heartbroken if you will. I wrote to try and find the beauty in my life, to try and find things that were good, that were happy, that kept me going. There are many posts that I'm not particularly proud of and that make for difficult reading but I'm not going to delete them. They represent how I felt at particular moments in time. Snapshots of sadness. Occasionally I do read old posts back to myself and, I cannot lie, they bring tears to my eyes. Some happy and some sad. Sad for the person I was then, that melancholy, confused girl.

These days I am happy.


I drove to my friend's last night and I suddenly realised that I was grinning from ear to ear. I must have looked like a lunatic, a raven haired girl in a silver Fiesta with a huge smile on her face for no apparent reason. But I was grinning because I truly love my life. Sure, I still have the odd moment where I wish for more, where I wish that certain things were different, where I feel sad about things that have happened, but I feel blissfully happy at least once every day. And who can ask for more than that?

So, as for this blog, the different direction is.... happiness, I guess. A love letter to my life and the world around me. More lovely photographs, less moaning. More joy, less sadness. I can't promise that I won't have my moments where I rant and rave or post sarcastic diatribes about the Post Office or men who wear boat shoes but I want this blog to be a beacon of positivity. I want to write posts that make people happy, that bring smiles to faces and possibly even raise a laugh or two.

So there you go, nothing life changing, just a shift in emphasis.