Saturday 13 March 2010

In the land of Robin Hood

This weekend I am mostly having the time of my little life in Nottingham.

Thus far:

Gin, beer and cottage pie last night. Followed by New Moon (I've finally jumped on the bandwagon and I LOVE it) and chats 'til 3am.

A lie in this morning (!!!). Bliss. Although it was only until 10am which is poor by some standards but pretty damn late for me! Then iced latte and a fruit salad in the sun for breakfast, wine in the sun to accompany lunch (not Slimming World friendly, oops) and the afternoon was rounded off by watching a man getting chucked out of Tesco and manhandled to the ground by three security guards for stealing some matches. Only in Nottingham.

Tonight I will be wearing sequins aplenty, consuming gin aplenty and dancing with gays aplenty.

Pretty much the perfect evening then.

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