Sunday, 28 March 2010

Recipe for joy


1 girl, without a hangover
1 pair of Hunter wellies (green)
1 lumberjack shirt, old red vest and pair of leggings
1 pair of oversized sunglasses
A park, preferably large, with plenty of daffodils and dogs being walked
Blue sky


Preheat temperature to a crisp yet sunny 10 °C
Combine all ingredients
Spend an hour walking around aforementioned park
Smile. A lot.


Brennig said...

Ours was broadly similar. And equally brilliant. Involved horses though.

Spangle said...

That's definitely a great recipe!

P said...

Isn't it amazing that a temperature of 10 degrees makes us happy?

Us Brits don't ask for much, do we? :)

Minnesota Mami said...

Found your blog via Kat Does Diets. I like your style. And congrats on your weight loss already! Your positivity is contagious!

Holly @ Making Over Me

Helen said...

Bren - If mine had involved horses I would have cried. I'm scared of them. Bad childhood experience. Glad you had a good weekend!

Spangle - Yes indeed, it made me happy.

P - We are easily pleased. The merest hint of sunshine and I've got the flip flops out!

MM - Thankyou very much!! x