Thursday 11 March 2010

So here's to you...

Ah blog, I have been a neglectful witch haven't I?

Sometimes though, I guess real life gets in the way.

And by real life I mean laughing, drinking, 19 year old boys (well, boy actually), weekends away, work, more work and yet more work. Oh and disappointment. And then happiness. And then a bit more disappointment.

In the past week I've experienced a rollercoaster of emotions. I think I'd forgotten what it feels like to be sad. I guess a reminder every so often isn't such a bad thing, to put things into persepective and make me see that life is actually pretty fantastic most of the time.

I have a new plan to drag me out of this mini slump I've been experiencing. Sleep. Sleep will solve all the world's ills. I don't remember what a lie in feels like. I can't remember the last time I had an evening in. I think it was the beginning of last week but I can't be sure. I need to slow things down, take some time for myself and just sit.

I miss sitting.