Wednesday 14 April 2010


... and not loving it.

Things I have learnt:
  • If you walk 10 miles in a day whilst wearing flip flops your calves will not thank you the next day. Or the day after that.
  • It is possible to eat nothing but croquettes, calamari, chorizo and patatas bravas. No fruit, no vegetables, no healthy food of any sort. Slimming World will not thank me next week. Neither will my thighs.
  • Cava, beer and sangria are all MARVELLOUS. Not that I didn't already know that. Sometimes it's nice to be reminded though.
  • It is not always sunny in Spain. And the rain does not always stay mainly on the plain.

Possibly the best holiday ever. However, I've been up since 5.45am and am now feeling the effects. More pictures and tales of mischief tomorrow, when I'm back on top form xx