Friday, 30 April 2010

London Calling

Oh, London!

I'd never really been a huge fan of yours. You seemed too big, too loud, too busy. Full to the brim with people, with too little space to accommodate them all.

Last weekend you won me over.

From the moment I arrived at Euston until the moment I stumbled back onto the train, tipsy from gin and tonics drunk by the canal, I don't think I stopped smiling.

Reasons I love you:

Frozen yoghurt shops (I confess, they reminded me of time spent in New York)
EAT on every corner. Ever since I stopped working in Manchester I have so missed the Ham and Jarlsberg baguette joy. Although it's not very Slimming World friendly so maybe that's for the best.
The Wellcome Collection. I loved it. With all my (slightly weird) heart.
Macarons. PAUL, Laduree, Fortnum & Mason. I tried them all. I loved them all. I think Laduree just edged it, although that may have had something to do with the sparkling company.
Walking along the South Bank in the sun.
Greek food by the Thames, with a view of St Paul's Cathedral, with some more sparkling company.
Plus lots of gin, lots more lovely company and lots of cakes. Oops.

London, you've stolen a piece of my heart.

I'll be back soon, you can count on that.

Helen xxx


Jenn said...

Ah you can love it a bit for me too then, scared me to bleedin' death when I went :(

smidge said...

It scares me too!

Hopefully I can make you fall in love with Edinburgh as much at the end of the month (yes I know you have been before, but I have plans...)

Chamuca said...

I'm super jealous.

P said...

I'm down there again in June for three days for work - fourth year in a row yet i've still not managed to see anything yet, I have mainly ended up spending most of the time dealing with exam-sitting students in the ExCel centre or Alexandra Palace. Where are these frozen yogurt shops you mention??? I need to find me one of those!

PS I hope smidge can make ME fall in love with Edinburgh too! :)

Helen said...

Jenn - I wasn't scared at all. After navigating my way around New York for a week it was nothing!

Smidge - I already love Edinburgh! But I shall prepare to fall more in love with it!

Chamuca - Come to England!

P - The frozen yoghurt shops are called SNOG and there are a few of them. There's one near Covent Garden and one in Soho.