Wednesday, 21 April 2010


Reason #1 that I am a benevolent boss:

I buy icepops for everyone and keep them in the kitchen freezer.

Come! Work for me! I'm fun!


P said...

I will!

That is TRULY the mark of a great boss!

coolboy said...

hi this ice pop image looks nice

Chamuca said...

OMG, I bring in treats to my work too. I've made sugar cookies (at Easter), zucchini bread and banana bread muffins.

Now I get harassed everyday about goodies. Be careful, it's a vicious cycle!

gregj said...

What flavors?

Oh, never mind. I'll be there. You are a cool boss.

I forget how I got your name, blogarama maybe? Then I saw ice pops, so here I am.

Helen said...

Chamuca - I made brownies and gingerbread last year. Sadly my diet won't let me bake anymore. I want sugar cookies!

Greg - Hello! And there are many flavours :)