Monday 12 April 2010

Guest Post: Reasons to be Happy

 All photos by Amy

Yay, guest blogging! This is my first experience of it, so I apologise if this post is rubbish. I’m rather nervous – my own Blog is filled with my pointless posts that are written off the top of my head about whether or not I like what I had for breakfast, but Helen appears to put rather more work into her Blog than mine…

But anyway, I digress. I asked Helen what she wanted me to write about and she said “Things that make you happy”. What a wonderful topic. There is surely nothing nicer in this world than feeling pure and simple happiness, that warm tingly feeling in your tummy, and that glow of satisfaction that colours everything around you in pastel shades of perfection.

Sunshine makes me happy. Yesterday was the first day of real sunshine this year, and it was glorious. Sunshine leads on to other things that make me happy too, like my old, scuffed black dolly shoes with embroidered white flowers that I can only wear when it’s warm. In fact, the spring wardrobe in general makes me happy. Winter fashion is fine, and very nice with its dusky pink scarves and woolly bobble hats, but in spring it’s all about flowery tea dresses, pink crotched cardigans, and opaque tights in bright block colours under little black skirts. And, of course, spring leads on to summer, and summer is the season of bare legs, bright yellow skirts and flower hair slides pulling back messy curls…

Of course, summer doesn’t just lead on to pretty clothes. Summer is full of things that make me very happy indeed. Summer for me is sitting on the grass whilst freckles bloom on my face, wandering hand in hand round the fields surrounding my village whilst the dogs run around in stupid delight, finishing work whilst it’s still light and sitting in the garden to watch the sunset, the sky lit up with gold and orange and red. Simple things, but they can cheer me up for days.

I’ll stop this now before I start to ramble, but here’s Amy’s Tip For The Day. As soon as you’re finished reading the post, or doing whatever Very Important Thing you are/should be doing on the computer, find something that makes you happy and do it. Do it straight away, no matter what it is. Call up your favourite person, watch the film that makes you love life a little bit more, bake a cake and eat the mix before it even gets to the oven, ride the bus until you run out of fare, anything. Life is too sad nowadays. Make yourself happy.

Amy xx