Saturday 30 October 2010

Ooh matron

001: It's Hallowe'en (tomorrow) and I am so excited. I'm off to a party at my friend A's tonight and the theme is 'zombies'. Can you tell what I'm going as? Yes, a zombie nurse. Complete with eye patch (a la Elle Driver) two foot syringe, black nails, massive hair and PVC outfit. P. V. C. I apologise in advance if any of you are going to be in the vicinity of Manchester tonight. Noone deserves to see my thighs encased in PVC.

002: As excited as I am about getting my zombie on later, I currently feel like death. A few after work drinks last night turned into shots, pole dancing (badly) and a 2.30am finish. I blame the £1.50 double vodkas for my current state and am desperately trying to perk myself up in time for zombie o'clock.

003: I got Take That tickets! When all the ticket websites crashed before 9am yesterday I feared another Glastonbury ticket debacle (refreshing web pages for 3 hours with a hangover and no sleep was the worst thing ever) but, somehow, at 9.10am the fog cleared and the order form popped up. I was physically shaking when I was putting in my card details. Ridiculous. Take That have the ability to reduce me to a 14 year old like nothing else.

004: I cannot stop eating grapefruits. Obsessed. I fear my insides will be corroded by citric acid before long.

005: I have a cold. Again.

What are your Hallowe'en plans, my loves?