Saturday, 30 October 2010

Ooh matron

001: It's Hallowe'en (tomorrow) and I am so excited. I'm off to a party at my friend A's tonight and the theme is 'zombies'. Can you tell what I'm going as? Yes, a zombie nurse. Complete with eye patch (a la Elle Driver) two foot syringe, black nails, massive hair and PVC outfit. P. V. C. I apologise in advance if any of you are going to be in the vicinity of Manchester tonight. Noone deserves to see my thighs encased in PVC.

002: As excited as I am about getting my zombie on later, I currently feel like death. A few after work drinks last night turned into shots, pole dancing (badly) and a 2.30am finish. I blame the £1.50 double vodkas for my current state and am desperately trying to perk myself up in time for zombie o'clock.

003: I got Take That tickets! When all the ticket websites crashed before 9am yesterday I feared another Glastonbury ticket debacle (refreshing web pages for 3 hours with a hangover and no sleep was the worst thing ever) but, somehow, at 9.10am the fog cleared and the order form popped up. I was physically shaking when I was putting in my card details. Ridiculous. Take That have the ability to reduce me to a 14 year old like nothing else.

004: I cannot stop eating grapefruits. Obsessed. I fear my insides will be corroded by citric acid before long.

005: I have a cold. Again.

What are your Hallowe'en plans, my loves?


Pookie said...

Cor blimey! PVC nurse outfit, you are a brave girl! Looking forward to the zombie photos, I hope you feel better for tonight

P said...

Hope you have a great night!

I am personally doing precisely bugger all - staying in with X-Factor and a glass or 12 of vino. I'm not really a massive fan of Hallowe'en!

Jen said...

Hooray for Take That! One of my friends finally got tickets at 5PM after trying since 9! Crazy stuff.

Love the sound of your outfit - especially the eye patch! x

Helen said...

Pookie - A PVC outfit a few sizes too big thankfully, I didn't want it to be skin tight! x

P - It was AWESOME. I was never a fan either, until last year! x

Jen - One of my friends finally got them at about 5pm too! Utter madness! x