Saturday 16 October 2010

The Week in Pictures #8

The usual snapshots of my life. Slightly boring this week as I haven't really been anywhere or done anything terribly exciting. I'm still madly in love with the Hipstamatic iPhone app though, and feel the need to use CONSTANTLY.

1) Forever 21 sunglasses. I feel like Tom Cruise when I wear them. Bizarrely, I enjoy it.
2) New shoes of LOVE. They are so high that I totter when I walk though.
3) Do I really need 5 different lip balms on my desk? Probably not.
4) Vitamin OBSESSIVE.
5) The Slimming World regime has returned with a vengeance. I do love a good stir fry.
6) My garden by night. Avec dogs.
7) What is my face?
8) 4am coffee on my overnight charity duty. Resulted in delirium.
9) Waiting for the phone to ring and waiting for 5am to arrive.
10) Slanket + Daisy = utter warmth.