Saturday, 23 October 2010

Outfit Post: Hello, Pumpkin

Disclaimer: Please accept my sincere apologies for the appearance of my face in the following photographs. I'd had a long day at work and, shock horror, wasn't wearing any make up. Tiredness plus the beginnings of a cold have rendered me terribly pale.

Having said that, LOOK AT THE MINIATURE PUMPKIN! It's called a munchkin pumpkin and it may well be my new favourite vegetable. I am obsessed with things in miniature. Last year I nearly lost my mind when Marks & Spencer brought out 'tiny tangerines'. Lord. Cutest. Things. Ever.

I tweeted about this dress earlier in the week. I'm not used to wearing short dresses and was extremely aware all day that, if I bent down, the office may get a view they didn't need, deserve or want. It's pretty though, and I am all about the pretty.

Look how happy I am about the miniature pumpkin! My face is filled with glee. And huge bags, nay suitcases, under my eyes. See above re: tiredness. My nails are nail varnish free at the moment as they've become terribly brittle and flaky. Any recommendations for products or supplements that might help? I've tried OPI's Nail Envy but it just makes them worse.

This post may as well be called '101 ways with a pumpkin'. I love love love that bright orange colour though, especially with the yellow of my shoes and belt and the purple of my tights. Bright colours are all I need to make me happy.

Dress & Cardigan - H&M
Belt & Necklace- Primark
Tights & Coat - Marks & Spencer
Shoes - Next


Helen said...

Oh I adore those shoes! Are they recently from Next? Next always surprises me with some lovely things.

Helen said...

Alas they're from about a year ago. I got them for a fiver in the sales! Next always surprises me too. I forget about it!

pinkjellybaby said...

How long ago did you get that dress?? I need it. I need all your clothes!

Helen said...

I bought it last Sunday! Go, get! x

Teacups and Buttondrops said...

I love the outfit :). Where did you get the mini pumpkin from?

Chamuca said...

I know pumpkins are a New World vegetable and all, but how the hell did it take so long for them to bring adorable baby pumpkins to you?

We've had them here for as long as I can remember. Like I remember from at least 20 years ago. My mind is blown.

Maybe it's because they're normally used here as decoration around Thanksgiving?

last year's girl said...

I love these photos. You're absolutely right about the colours.

Helen said...

Teacups - Sainsburys! Two for £1.50!

Chamuca - Oh no, we've had them for ages! I had one last year too! Not for as long as 20 years though. We are behind. Clearly

LYG - <3