Thursday 21 October 2010

Two Nine

Two weeks today I turn 29. 

Twenty nine.

I have no idea how this has happened or who has allowed this but, rest assured, I am FUMING about it. The past year has passed quicker than any other year before it and I've got a horrible feeling that it's just a taster of years to come. Apparently, the older you get, the quicker time passes.

To console myself, and while I take a break from checking for grey hairs/inspecting my face for wrinkles/ordering in the Tena Lady, I've made a big fat list of things I'd like. All of these things would, I feel, make the next 365 days of my life immensely better.

Especially those YSL Mohawk heels. Now, who's got £640 that they'd like to lend me?

L-R, from clockwise: Watermelon Fisheye Camera; Fujifilm Instax Mini; Topshop Duffle Cape; 50mm lens; Eerie Indiana, My So Called Life & Round the Twist DVDs; Urban Outfitters Satchel; 'In for the Thrill' Irregular Choice shoes; Tatty Devine Rabbit Necklace; YSL 'Mohawk' pumps (a girl can dream, right?)