Sunday 24 October 2010

NYC: There Will Be Shops

I know this is a little late but, finally, let me present to you my New York purchases. At the time I felt like I'd gone a little crazy with the spending but, now I look at the photos, I wish I'd bought more! Warning: This post may get LONG.

I am a sucker for pretty packaging. An absolute sucker. Give me a fancy little bag with some brightly coloured tissue paper peeping out of the top and I don't really care what's inside! Thankfully the contents of these two little treasure troves were even prettier than the exterior. First up... my dream purse! Found in the Betsey Johnson store in Soho. I saw this a couple of days into our trip, talked myself out of buying it and then, predictably, went back on our last afternoon and bought it. But leather, ruffles, hearts, studs and leopard print all in one purse was too good to pass up!

Next? My Sephora purchases. I went a little crazy initially and grabbed armfuls of lotions and potions but came to my senses and eventually settled on a fairly modest selection. Kind of. I'd been coveting the glitter nail varnish for ages after seeing it on various blogs and I'd had the Smashbox mascara recommended to me. Also, the Stila lip glazes were an absolute bargain. So basically everything I bought was completely essential, right?

I've already blogged about one of my Madewell purchases, but what I didn't mention in that post was that I bought two t-shirts, not just the bat one! Naughty Helen. I know there's been quite a lot of criticism of some of the Alexa Chung collection, due to the pricy nature of the t-shirts, in particular. They weren't cheap, I'll give you that but, with the exchange rate, they cost barely more than the price of a top from Topshop. The quality is lovely and the material is so so soft that I could basically live in them. Oh, and the reason I bought the skull top? Because of the phrase on it. It's one of mine and my friends' most overused phrases and I couldn't not buy it.

Finally, a few bits and pieces I picked up along the way...

1) Mirror and ring from the Marc Jacobs special items store on Bleecker. My one shopping disappointment of the trip. Most of the stuff just seemed.... a bit rubbish!
2) Nail varnish and my bling ring from Forever 21
3) Cheap Fashion's Night Out t-shirt and Blair Waldorf-esque earmuffs from Century 21. Cannot wait to wear these bad boys!
4) BEST. PURCHASE. EVER. Piggy Steamer! Bought at the MOMA Design Store
5) Gabby Sidibe on the cover of Elle. Legendary. Bought for hangover Sunday in Central Park
6) Mug and milk glass from Anthropologie. I can't stop buying house things!

I also bought an incredible Reese's ice cream bowl and some more OPI. I honestly don't understand how I didn't have excess baggage on the way home!