Friday 15 October 2010

Outfit Post: Wet Look

Another Friday, another dress down day. Hurrah!

I'm sure the title of this post will attract hits from people looking for naughty things, so apologies if you are one of those people. You filthmonger you. I've embraced wet look leggings recently, and hopefully I've managed to avoid the overstuffed sausage look. I actually bought these a couple of years ago but, seeing as my legs were about twice the size that they are now, they never fitted. One of the best things about losing weight is being able to wear things that have never fitted. It's like having a whole new wardrobe!

What is life without a little bit o' bling?! I don't usually wear a lot of jewellery to work, as I get irritated by bracelets hitting the desk and rings getting in my way while I'm trying to type (I am a typing machine, did you know that? 75 words per minute. Yes sir). I thought I'd make an exception for this glorious little number from Forever 21 though. A New York purchase. Sigh.

My sincerest apologies for the cleavage-tastic photograph below. What can I say, the girls wanted to be in the picture. Also, please ignore my stroppy pout, I'm actually in a fabulous mood!

Plans for this weekend include an overnight duty at the charity tonight (11pm till 5am, lord), lots of sleep, watching The Social Network (strangely excited about it!) and lots and lots of baking. On the menu are chocolate peanut butter cookies, parkin and treacle toffee. Yum.

Any plans, my loves? Have any of you seen The Social Network yet? Give me your thoughts, hopes, dreams and desires for the weekend ahead!

Leggings - Topshop
Cardigan - Upper 5th
Vest - i love boxie
Boots - The usual Dr Martens
Necklace - I have no idea!
Ring - Forever 21
Hair - A lack of straightening