Wednesday, 13 October 2010


001: I love this photo. It was taken on our last night in New York. We'd been to Brooklyn to look at the beautiful skyline, had pizza and wine at Grimaldi's and then decided to venture back to Top of the Rock for a night time view of the city. I was messing around with the settings on my camera (yep, still learning how to use it after eight months) and somehow I managed to make all the twinkling lights heart shaped. Love.

002: I'm tired. Really, really tired. I can't actually remember the last time I felt rested and I just never seem to get enough sleep. House stress plus work stress plus house stress plus work stress. I shouldn't grumble though, life is really rather wonderful.

003: I've spent approximately ten hours watching the rescue of the Chilean miners today. I've shed more tears than a woman should ever shed at her desk. Humanity really is fantastic sometimes though, isn't it?

004: I lost four pounds at weigh in this week, bringing the grand total to 65 pounds! That number just looks so ridiculous that I can't really believe it. The size 12 clothes hanging in my wardrobe insist otherwise though.

005: What's better than a little bit of Hurts on a Wednesday? Not much, that's what. This song reminds me of New York and makes my heart ache just a little. In a good way.


Amber Rose said...

You are a doll-- absolute doll. And you are doing such a good job, miss 12. ;)

Love the song. New York. dkfal;sjfkldj

soupemes said...

What camera do you have?

I thought the hearts (and also stars) effect could only be achieved by clipping on a bokeh filter to the end of the lens?

MariƱa " La Marquesa" said...

pictures is really really nice

Jenn from Much to My Delight said...

Great shot! New York really is beautiful at night. You seem to love this city an awful lot. Ever consider moving here?

PS: Congrats on the weight loss. What an achievement!

smidge said...

Great photo hon and well done on getting to 65. A size 12? Wow. Come to Edinburgh and well go shopping for the new wardrobe! x

P said...

I absolutely adore that Hurts track. And 65 pounds is absolutely amazing, well done hon!!!

PS when are you coming up to Glasgow???

Ayden said...

well done on the weight loss gal :) please share any tips with me... I seem to be getting nowhere :( thats a beautiful picture, I really really want to go to new york! the chilean miners rescue was one of the most epic things ive ever watched! Im pretty sure in a couple of years time they will make a movie about the event. mega dramatised tho, ovb! they seemed to all have coped pretty well down there, brave fellas ♥ x

Helen said...

Amber - I can't quite believe I'm a 12 (which I think is a US size 10?). Shocking. New York = everything.

Soupy - I have a Canon EOS 500d. No bokeh filter was used here! Just a happy accident.

Marina - Thankyou doll!

Jenn - Oh Jenn I would love to. Alas visa issues prevent it! I just don't think it's possible.

Smidge - Thankyou my love! I want to come to Edin asap! Miss your face x

P - Thankyou! I am rather proud. Smug cow, haha. Glasgow = v v soon! x

Ayden - You do not need to lose any weight! But, I know more than anyone, that it's how you feel that's important. I do Slimming World, which is really just common sense and healthy eating! x