Monday, 1 November 2010

Outfit Post: Trick or treat?

Behold, the zombie nurse!

In all her (dubious) glory.

The Hallowe'en party was INCREDIBLE. Dressing up is my new favourite thing and I only wish it could be Hallowe'en every weekend. Although I don't think my hair is ever going to recover from the horrendous cheap white hairspray I used. Walking into a bar in the Northern Quarter and being the only people in fancy dress was also a new low. Or high. Depending on which way you look at it.

So, tell me my little pumpkins and pumpkinettes, what did you dress as for Hallowe'en? Link me in the comments!

Dress - Ann Summers (HA!)
Tights - No idea. They're about 6 years old and I wore them to a Cradle of Filth gig with my ex, P.
Boots - The usual docs
Syringe - eBay
Eyepatch - eBay but painted by me
Hairspray, make up and facial expression - Tesco and the depths of hell


Fushball said...

Amazing effort! I was Where's Wally, a bit less effort in comparison :P I posted a pic on there :) xxx

Nic's Notebook said...

Oh wow, you look amazing (in a scary sort of way!!) My effort was slightly less than yours, but then again I was just staying in the house!

TheBCH said...

I did mini mouse. in a not so porno way than that just suggested.

Annoying though I was asked constantly what I was supposed to be. idiots.

I was also bugged by everyone for not going out as something scary, they didn't understand that I am of the school of Buffy the vampire slayer and she on more than one occasion has stated that Halloween and ghoulish nasties is a misnomer.

she says it's the only day they stay away, so I refuse to dress up as something scary on Halloween lol

I also had to sit in a car with someone who has no clue what Halloween is about and was spouting all kinds of history's that were wrong.

Tonight I'm celebrating dia de los muertos and she can stick that in her pipe and smoke it the crabby know it all lol

TheBCH said...

i realise my costume was thrown together last min but was it really that hard to see who i was!

Sarah, Sequin This said...

Being the only people in fancy dress... who went all out as well haha. Love it! Another manc blogger woo :) I went to 42s xx

Teacups and Buttondrops said...

Thats an amazing outfit :)

miss*H said...

you look amazing!! Best Halloween outfit I've seen so far. I would be genuinely scared if I came acros you in the middle of town

Emma Jade said...

WOW! That's some effort! You look amazing!

Green Of Eye, Sharp Of Claw said...

I'm with you on the wanting to dress up everyday! I went out dressed a la dia de los muertos!

Helen said...

Fushball - Aww I love it! x

Nic - The more I look at myself in that get up the more scared I become! Haha! I LOVE that outfit on your dog!! x

BCH - Aww I love your outfit! People are idiots if they couldn't see what you were!

Sarah - I so did not realise you were a Manc blogger! Love it!! I haven't been to 42s for YEARS! x

Teacups - Thankyou!

Miss H - Aww, thanks! (I think, haha!) xx

Emma Jade - Thankyou doll!

Green of Eye - You look AMAZING in that photo! Kudos!