Friday 19 November 2010

Kiss and make up

Man alive, this week has been busy!

I've been a terrible blogger yet again this week. Sometimes life just takes over I guess. The highlight of the week was seeing Kele Okereke last night. If you've never listened to his album then I urge you to get a copy now, put Tenderoni on and dance round your room like a lunatic. It will enhance your life in so many ways, I promise.

1) Sequins on a Friday are practically mandatory in my life. And this Markus Lupfer jumper is still one of my absolute favourites.
2) I went to see MIA at the Warehouse Project last Saturday night. MIA was slightly disappointing, the big gay night out afterwards was not. Dancing round to Cher at 9am is never a bad thing. I wore falsh eyelashes for the very first time and I think I can now call myself a proper girl, yes?
3) The Models Own x Wah Nails nail art pens popped through my letter box today. I cannot wait to try these bad boys out. Although I am fairly cack handed when it comes to matters of the nail so we shall see. THE PACKAGING THOUGH! Incredible.
4) Another of my latest obsessions is Eyeko. Gorgeous packaging and lovely lovely products at very reasonable prices. I'm currently loving the Minty Fat Balm and the Extra Glow Cream which bares more than a passing resemblance to my beloved Benefit High Beam but at less than half the price. If you enter my ambassador code at the checkout then you'll get yourself a lovely little free gift... E12432.

After spending the last three weekends in various dens of ill repute in Manchester I'm really looking forward to this one. I have no plans other than a Samaritans duty this evening. So I intend to sleep, bake and blog. I have so many blog posts to write so that's going to be my main focus this weekend.

What are your plans, my lovelies?