Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Lucky 100

Well, after mentioning doing a '100 followers' giveaway a couple of weeks ago, I never mentioned it again did I? Until now that is! I spent ages thinking about what I could give away that was representative of my blog and the things I love. I'm really happy with what I've chosen and I hope you are too!

So, without further ado, here's what you could win....

♥ A Me & Zena 'You Have The Right To Remain Romantic' tote bag
♥ An i love boxie t-shirt (one of my favourite brands)
♥ A Giles x Cadbury Nibbles scarf
♥ A bottle of OPI 'Catch Me In Your Net' (my all-time favourite nail varnish)
♥ A bottle of Eyeko 'Petite Polish'

And..... some cookies handmade by yours truly! (Using the recipe seen here and here)

Here's how to enter...

♥ Leave me a comment telling me what's on your Christmas list (if you don't have a blog then please leave a contact email address too) or, if you can't be bothered with that, then I guess you can just write 'enter me' too
♥ For extra entries, either tweet or blog about the giveaway. Leave me a separate comment for each to make it easier for me when I'm totting up at the end!

- Closing date is 30th November, at midnight UK time.
- The winner will be chosen using a random number generator.
- The giveaway is open to everyone but if you win and you're not from the UK, then I can't really send you any cookies, sorry!


Sophie said...

My christmas list is as long as my arm but if I had to choose one thing. It would be a pair of patent doctor martins with bright yellow laces!
Been following your blog for a while, finally be brave enough to comment :)

Vicky said...

I haven't really thought about what I want for christmas this year. Except that I think I might want a Kindle. Perhaps. Or not. Help... ;)

Sally said...

my xmas list is basically a load of cute stuff from Lazy Oaf and a pink holga camera (pleeaaase santa!! <3)

p.s. i <3 your blog :D

Sarah said...

Oh wow, I want! Looks amazing. I've always thought about doing baked goods as a prize but am tooo lazy.

For Christmas I want the red Topshhop bag I've blogged about, the gold shoes I've just blogged about, the black dress that Ellie has just blogged about at Pretty Much Penniless (I also want it in red) aaaand, um... a new car.



Wow - this is an amazing giveaway!
I have one thing on my Christmas list.. Cloud 9 straighteners!

Just a new follower btw, look forward to reading more of your posts! Love the floral sidebar!


Strumpet said...

My Christmas List:
Red atent Doc Marten style brogue boots
Black velvet skirt
Lava Lamp
Vintage Necklace
Various books
A polaroid camera
Some money to go to Amsterdam in new year with my housemates

FeeeyFooFoo said...

i think I REALLY have to make a list - huby has no idea what to get me - but I've already got so much stuff!!!!eeekkk.....

Would love to be entered

FeeeyFooFoo said...

also tweeted


Denise said...

There's one thing on my Christmas list every year. *The perfect dress* one that will fit my size 12 body, size 10 waist and size 14 hips perfectly, that I could wear again and again.
Alas, I think it would take Santa himself to create such a thing...

So instead, my Christmas list features a Breville Cupcake Maker and the Beauty and the Beast DVD. Yes, I'm a child at heart.

Fushball said...

My Christmas list.. hmm... new clothes, a camera, lots of books I need to read, a cute penguin jumper I saw online :D
Enter me pleasey :)
You can email me on: or check out my blog over at

P.S. grats on the house!

Anja said...

My Christmas list is abominably long. That's not a bad thing, though, is it?
High high high up on my (extensive) list is a new bottle of Coco Mademoiselle and a 15" navy leather satchel.
And maybe some new wayfarers. And pretty china tea cups. And more OPI. And flowers for my garden. And maybe a nice frock.
But that's all!

JojoBinx said...

Enter me! On my christmas list is would be one of those i love boxie tshirts actually, I really like your 'it ended with a kiss' one! I so glad to have stumbled upon your blog (via the 'i know what you wore this summer' blog)and I love your style!

Thanks for the giveaway!
Jo :)

JojoBinx said...

I also just tweeted!

Emilyisasecret said...

man my christmas list includes:
Macbook Pro with a crap load of RAM
A new spiffy lens
A lighting kit
Some new pants and tops

I also have an addiction to underwear.


my christmas list consits of a new laptop, a puppy, topshop and urban outfitters clothees, books by victoria beckham, and some other bits & bobs, hehe :)
courtney xx

Magatha-May said...

enter me please - I haven't started a christmas list yet.

em said...

I am compiling a birthday wishlist on pinterest - but i'd be happy to get any of them for christmas too - i am not fussy.....Although, everything on the list looks expensive at the moment - i think i need to lower my expectations ;)

Louise said...

fab comp Helen, I've posted a bit of a list on the blog but I really fancy a Michael Kors watch, if I don't get one; i'll buy one myself in January!

Ayden said...

What a fab giveaway Helen, you have chosen so well. All those bits and pieces are so lovely! Enter me, please :)

Would you believe me when I say I have nothing on my list this year? People keep asking me, and I just dont know. Its been a mental year and I just want to be cosy at christmas and get to see all my family and eat lots of food and il be happy :) maybe some disney dvds and a huge amount of chocolate would be nice. Haha we'll see! xx

Sarah, Sequin This said...

I'd love a nice pair of leather boots, but the ones I want are currently out of stock (typical!).

great giveaway btw (the cookies are clearly the best prize mmmm!) xx

likeaskeletonkey said...

Psychic skills, I've been lusting for the Me & Zena tote since my Birthday Wishlist - May! and have yet to fulfill the wish... so maybe this is a sign;]

My Christmas wishlist consists of ANYTHING from Nadinoo, the vampires such bracelet from Me & Zena, a Lomo camera, an endless Starbucks voucher! and some Demeter 'Rain' fragrance.

Enter me please poppet! x

likeaskeletonkey said...

Oh and, I gave you a little blog shout out here :)

Debbie said...

...and a Kindle.
I know, contradictory. But, there it is.

Katie P said...

Enter me please:)

This is my first comment.


Nicola said...

I've asked Father Christmas for a Kindle, and if I'm really good I might even get a case for it too...

Cat said...

On my Christmas list is the big Tatty Devine horse brass necklace, and a lightbox, because we get very SAD in the north-east because there is NO LIGHT!

Enter me, please.

Amy said...

I'd like to say that on my Christmas list in world peace, an end to world hunger and happiness for the world.

However, what is ACTUALLY on my Christmas list is the duvet cover you showed on your last post. I know, I'm shallow.

Amy said...

(And I just tweeted about the giveaway too :-) I'm jimsyjampots if you want to check)

Amy said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Pookie said...

On my Christmas list is a chunky camel cardi from River Island, new brogues, Grey's Anatomy season 5 (lovelovelove) and a Terry's Choc Orange (delish!).

La Mona se viste de seda said...

Wow! It's really hard to make a list... I must think about it :)

Nice blog, you have a new follower!


Lil said...

For Christmas I've actually asked for the Me & Zena bunny ring.
Please enter me, this is such a generous giveaway! I'm a new follower btw :)
Lil xo

{ I V Y } said...

what's on my christmas list ?

-a pair of doc martens or converse sneakers with a union jack on them
-some scalloped shorts or a scalloped blazer
-the box set of the inbetweeners! :D

xx hope i win!

Pearl said...

My Christmas list:

Steam cleaner
Slow cooker

This is actually what I told my mother when she asked. Then I went and kicked myself for coming up with a list that makes me sound positively geriatric. Sob. I've just read everyone else's lists, and I want what they want, please!

Amy said...

(P.S — Just wrote a post featuring your giveaway)

pinkjellybaby said...

me me me...

on my list is basically the whole of the Cath Kidston kitchen range and an Astely Clarke bracelet which I have no hope ever of getting! Boo hooo.

Sara Louise said...

on my xmas list is :
a pair of camilla skovgaard boots
a alexander mcqueen-esk clutch from Republic
new black faux fur jacket
lots of new wedge platforms !

Alex said...

On my christmas list is a big pile of DVDs to keep me entertained at uni and quite a few goodies from MAC!
love your blog!

Furious G said...

The All Blacks performing the Haka in my bedroom, please!

Jen said...

Oh, what a wonderful giveaway! Okay, my Christmas wishlist currently includes:

Canon G11
Marc Jacobs Natasha satchel
MAC makeup
Black leather boots
Subscription to Elle magazine.

Think you can help with any of that? ;) xx

Emma said...

My dream Christmas gift is an Ipad but I guess I will be asking for that in vain! Great giveaway and thanks for the chance to win :)

Emma said...

I have tweeted about your giveaway as well :)

bronchia said...

A solid red leather satchel, a forest or bottle green cable knit cardigan that is warm but not made of wool (cannot find at reasonable price/level of stylishness anywhere!), some long red flat boots and some black jeans that fit...

Kate said...

After today (the first snow came down thick & knee-deep here in Surrey), lots of warm things are on my Xmas list! Big chunky bobble hats, faux-furry earwarmers, toasty & cosy mittens, hoards & hoards of knee-high socks & the like! I'd also love an eco-cup to carry my coffee in, a cute flowery one. & a kitten. But kittens aren't just for Xmas, & I am only dreaming.

Fingers, toes, legs & everything crossed!

Anisha @ Live Life Deeply said...

Hmm, I guess not a whole lot of material things are on my Chirstmas list. All I really want is for my parents to get back to better health and for life to calm down just a notch.

If I can be selfish, then I'd really like a new camera - a DSRL and some good lenses :)

Oh, and btw - I'm running a giveaway too which ends tonight; it's just not as generous as yours!

Alex said...

I've twittered about this too :)

sherryl said...

my christmas list? oh goodness. id love a dslr. hahah but that's totally out of the question! so perhaps an iphone. clothes arent on my christmas list because im so cheap when it comes to clothes so ic an get them anytime!

gohasogakfjl i. love. that. shirt. i will die if i win. because that shirt, oh god. ive seen that a picture of a guy on tumblr wearing it and ive been dying to find out where it came from and you are my god right now afkal. <3333

anyways enter me in yo.

sherryl said...

ps i tweeted about it here!