Sunday, 21 November 2010

Outfit Post: Caped Crusader

I was contacted by the lovely Helen from Afeitar a few weeks ago and told that she'd picked me to receive an item of clothing from Clothing At Tesco as part of their 'post it on' feature. I was, of course, utterly delighted and I chose this cape (which was actually in Helen's collage in her post about her item). I'm so pleased with it! I'd wanted a cape for a few months but had never found the perfect one for me. I love this one as it has sleeves and big chunky buttons, which are two things that I was looking for. Thankyou so much to Helen and Clothing At Tesco!

I'd bought clothes from Tesco occasionally, but usually only as an impulse buy in the middle of doing my weekly shop. They've got some absolutely gorgeous things on the website though and I ordered a leather look dress, a leather skirt and a knitted skirt after I received my cape, that's how impressed I am with it! I'm already picturing wearing the knitted skirt on Christmas morning, with a big arran cardigan and slipper socks. Yum.

My other new obsession are these cherry red Doc Martens. I can seem myself wearing them with everything this winter, whether it works or not. They're just so comfortable and keep my feet toasty warm. I've wanted a pair of 14 hole DMs for so long. My 16 year old self is DYING with jealousy.

Please excuse my pale and tired face, I just wanted to give you a better look at my beloved earmuffs! I bought them at Century 21 in New York and they make me feel like Blair Waldorf, which, let's face it, is my raison d'etre.

After posting on Friday about how I was going to get myself bang up to date with blog posts, I woke up yesterday with a horrendous cold. Aches, shivers, banging headache and dizziness. Not pleasant. I ended up spending yesterday either sleeping, sneezing or crying (at Hollyoaks and Corrie... the shame!) but am feeling loads better today. Praise be.

Dress & Cardigan - New Look
Tights - Marks & Spencer
Necklace - Dorothy Perkins
Ring - Topshop
Brooch - Vintage 
Earmuffs - Century 21
Doc Martens - c/o Cloggs


Ellie said...

Ooh, I have that dress in black. I absolutely adore it, but it leaves my skin black. ACTUALLY BLACK.

Kb said...

I really love the colour of the dress, bought something similar myself. I feel as if I need to check out my local Tescos more often, I've seen some fab stuff popping up on people's blogs!

Helen said...

Ellie - I've got it in blue too and have the same problem with that one!

Kb - I'm obsessing over velvet at the moment! Tesco has some really nice things, and so cheap!

heartshapedbruise. said...

I'm a big fan of the Clothing at Tesco website - I've got LOADS of stuff from there, & always been really impressed with both the quality & service - so I've gotta say, I'm extremely jealous of all these blog posts recently where people have been given lovely things from them!

Am also loving your DMs :)

Nicola said...

A knitted skirt for Christmas, lovely!

I had this problem when I did Tesco's Post it On, I saw so many lovely things I wanted but I could only choose one! At least until payday.

P said...

My sixteen year old self is jealous of your Doc Marten boots too!

I always wanted a pair as a teenager but my mum refused to pay that much for them, so I ended up with fake ones called Sargeant Pepper boots. Not QUITE the same thing,.. :(

Jen said...

Love this outfit! You look like a superhero! The cape is fantastic and goes so well with the red DMs. xx

Helen said...

Heartshapedbruise - I was totally surprised that Helen picked me! They do have some amazing stuff.

Nicola - I know! I think that's why I ended up ordering 3 things a couple of days later! So hard to decide.

P - HA! I have never heard of Sergeant Pepper boots. Incredible.

Jen - Feeling like a superhero is one of my new favourite things :) x